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This second issue of UNCTAD´s Development and Globalization: Facts and Figures is more than an update of the 2004 edition. With economic globalization challenging much of our traditional wisdom, the 2008 edition is meant to enhance the analytical emphasis and to offer some explanations for new and emerging economic trends.

In recent years, the role of developing economies in the global economy has changed fundamentally. Some of the biggest and fastest-growing developing countries are now considered to stabilize the world economy due to their dynamism and their openness. In 2006, developing countries accounted for 37 per cent of world merchandise exports, in a rising trend. Many developing countries have also achieved current account surpluses, becoming major providers of capital for the rest of the world.

Development and Globalization: Facts and Figures covers 27 topics in the following areas:

  • Global growth and composition of demand

  • Payments balances and determinants

  • External resources

  • International trade

  • Population

The brief synopsis of data and information covered by this new edition of Development and Globalization: Facts and Figures illustrates UNCTAD´s independent research in the areas of its core mandate, namely the integrated treatment of trade, development and interrelated issues in the fields of finance, technology, investment and sustainable development, and its endeavours in the area of statistics.

For each topic, a "To learn more" section highlights UNCTAD secretariat activities and points to a selection of UNCTAD publications and reference documents offering detailed analyses of the issues discussed and means of accessing other relevant information sources.


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