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DITE Activities Report, 2006
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UNCTAD´s Division on Investment, Technology and Enterprise Development
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During 2006 DITE´s activities benefited 150 countries. 80 publications were produced, 120 meetings organized and 180 advisory or fact-finding missions undertaken.

The underlying trend for the division was the growth of FDI to developing countries from other developing countries, a trend frequently headlined in the world´s media. As the report notes, DITE successfully assisted recipient countries to attract this investment, organizing investment fora in Africa and Central Asia and producing research on South-South investment in the World Investment Report .

For 2007 DITE has set itself a strategy of raising the profile of foreign direct investment as a contributor to development and supporting the needs of countries in terms of investment and competitiveness.

Its work will be focused through its flagship World Investment Report, the Investment Policy Reviews, its enterprise development and linkages programmes, its investment promotion programme, its coordinating mandate on international investment agreements, the development of standards in accounting and reporting, and the identification of best practice in corporate social responsibility.

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