UNCTAD Training Manual on Statistics for FDI and the Operations of TNCs - Volume III: Collecting and Reporting FDI/TNC Statistics: Institutional Issues
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Given the prominent role that FDI plays in the global market, policymakers are particularly concerned with the monitoring of this specific category of crossborder activities. The statistical measurement of FDI therefore continues to be a priority on the agenda of national authorities and international organizations. The quality of the statistics depends largely on the comprehensiveness, timeliness, reliability and international comparability of data. To meet these criteria, official compilers need to be attentive not only to the methodology used for producing estimates of FDI activity, but also to the various types of institutional support available for properly recording and monitoring such activity. In addition, their concerns should go well beyond the compilation issue, to include revision cycles for data improvement as well as dissemination formats and policies.


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