World Investment Prospects Survey 2010 - 2012
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UNCTAD’s World Investment Prospects Survey 2010–2012 provides an outlook on future trends in foreign direct investment (FDI) by the largest transnational corporations (TNCs).

The present publication is the most recent in a series of similar surveys that have been conducted regularly by UNCTAD since 1995 as part of the background work for its annual World Investment Report.

The series includes International Investment: Towards the Year 2001 and International Investment: Towards the Year 2002 (UNCTAD, 1997; UNCTAD, 1998), published jointly by Arthur Andersen, Invest in France Mission and UNCTAD, as well as two UNCTAD publications entitled Prospects for Foreign Direct Investment and the Strategies of Transnational Corporations for the years 2004–2007 and 2005–2008 respectively (UNCTAD, 2004; UNCTAD, 2005).

The present survey and the three previous ones, published in 2007 2008 and 2009 respectively, are entitled World Investment Prospects Survey (UNCTAD, 2007; UNCTAD, 2008, UNCTAD, 2009).


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