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Investment Policy Review: Benin
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In 1989, the Government of Benin launched an ambitious programme of political and economic transformation. In the 1990s, important reforms were put in place to stabilize and liberalize the economy. An improved investment climate also contributed to increased foreign direct investment (FDI) flows into Benin. Nevertheless, some remaining structural problems continue constraining Benin from exploiting its potential in terms of FDI attraction. The country heavily depends on cotton exports.

The Investment Policy Review (IPR) identified some promising sectors for investment opportunities, including food-processing, cotton, tourism and mining.

The IPR also presents concrete recommendations to improve the institutional and regulatory framework, to elaborate a proactive investment strategy and to strengthen the domestic private sector by favouring linkages between local firms and transnational corporations.

Following the publication of the IPR, UNCTAD has assisted the Government to:

  • Prepare an Investment Guide.
  • Implement a software-based system to track, monitor and manage investors´ project applications (i-Track).
  • Conduct a training workshop on the principles and establishment of a one-stop shop for investment.
  • Organize a training workshop on investment promotion and facilitation.

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Investment Policy Review: Benin (UNCTAD/ITE/IPC/2004/4)
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