Traceability Systems for a Sustainable International Trade In South-East Asian Python Skins
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This study provides analysis and options regarding existing marking and tracing systems, a traceability system to confirm the legal origin of snake skins, and the economic feasibility of current technologies to implement such a traceability and marking system.

Specific recommendations to the CITES Animals Committee and Standing Committee would be elaborated by UNCTAD and the CITES Secretariat on inputs received from stakeholders during the consultations, briefings, meetings, peer reviews and workshops conducted in the course of preparing the Study, and from the discussions on the Study.

This Study has been prepared on the basis of inputs received from stakeholders during extensive and intensive consultations, briefings, meetings, peer reviews and workshops.

Key conclusions:

  1. There is an urgent need to mark all python skins traded.

  2. There should be an inventory and tagging of all python skin stockpiles in South East Asia.

  3. There was recognition of the need for dedicated funding sources to annually support monitoring programs including research, management, enforcement, compliance, trade monitoring and conservation education.


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