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Debt and Development Finance
UNCTAD, through its Debt and Development Finance Branch (DDFB), works on analytical issues technical assistance, primarily in the areas of external and domestic debt.
UNCTAD began working on debt issues during the 1970s. As the debt situation of developing countries has evolved over the following three decades, DDFB has provided up-to-date analysis of the most important developments and emerging issues in international debt, and adapted its technical assistance to the changing needs of developing countries.


04 September 2013Workshop scheduled for debt management officials
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20 August 2013First debt audit based on UNCTAD principles
25 April 2013UNCTAD participates in high-level meeting on debt sustainability
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28 October 2012UNCTAD's pioneer work on sovereign debt restructuring widely recognized by world-renowned experts and policy makers
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25 September 2012UNCTAD-SECO public debt management project in Indonesia on track
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DMFAS Programme Annual Report 2013 (UNCTAD/GDS/DMFAS/2014/1)
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 Events and Meetings

Start DateTitleLocationCountry
30 Sep-03 Oct 2013Regional Workshop on Asset and Liability ManagementMidrand, South AfricaSouth Africa
14-15 Nov 2013DMFAS Advisory Group MeetingGenevaSwitzerland
11-15 Nov 2013Ninth International Debt Management Conference GenevaSwitzerland
15-19 Apr 2013Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy WorkshopEntebbe, UgandaUganda
14-15 Apr 2014Special high-level meeting of ECOSOC with UNCTAD, the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO New YorkUnited States of America
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