Economic Cooperation and Integration among Developing Countries
ecidc_300x219.jpgThe Unit on Economic Cooperation and Integration among Developing Countries was created by the UNCTAD Secretary-General in July 2009, reinforcing the institution´s work on the reshaping of the global economic development architecture in which South-South cooperation is playing a growing role.
The Unit aims to build on UNCTAD`s longstanding work on the opportunities and challenges surrounding a renewed trend towards closer economic cooperation and integration among developing countries, work which goes back to its establishment in 1964.


Coat of arms of Peru
22 October 2012Peru trade minister to open South-South expert meeting
Supply chains
26 September 2012UNCTAD asked to identify potential supply chains in sub-Saharan Africa
16 September 2012Leather Industry Association of South Asia set up after UNCTAD-led regional consultations
Supachai Panitchpakdi
02 September 2012UNCTAD S-G outlines challenges facing developmental states, urges South-South cooperation
30 August 2012Sub-regional consultations on leather industry to be held in Chennai, India
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