Economic Cooperation and Integration among Developing Countries
ecidc_300x219.jpgThe Unit on Economic Cooperation and Integration among Developing Countries was created by the UNCTAD Secretary-General in July 2009, reinforcing the institution´s work on the reshaping of the global economic development architecture in which South-South cooperation is playing a growing role.
The Unit aims to build on UNCTAD`s longstanding work on the opportunities and challenges surrounding a renewed trend towards closer economic cooperation and integration among developing countries, work which goes back to its establishment in 1964.


21 March 2016West African States meet to prepare a common position on the Continental Free Trade Area
28 May 2015G-NEXID and UNCTAD emphasis their commitment to work together
16 December 2013South-South trade continues to increase, UNCTAD statistics show
22 October 2013Capital account regulations and global economic governance: the need for policy space
17 July 2013Press Coverage of the Economic Development in Africa Report 2013
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