04 Dec 09 - Investment Policy Monitor

Investment Policy MonitorTo provide policy-makers and the international investment community with up-to-date information about the latest developments in national and international foreign investment policies, UNCTAD has issued its new Investment Policy Monitor.

The first issue of the new Investment Policy Monitor finds that during the period under review (July-November 2009), the majority of investment measures - both by G20 and non-G20 countries - were in the direction of liberalization, promotion and facilitation of investment. However, certain measures were less favorable to investment, including some undertaken in the process of implementing stimulus packages. Moreover, increasing policy "slippage" in the area of trade protectionism may begin to exert an impact on foreign direct investment flows and on the global value chains of transnational corporations.

This Monitor implements the mandate from the UNCTAD Commission on Investment, Enterprise and Development and responds to the call by the G20 (in its London and Pittsburgh summits) for quarterly reporting on G20 members´ adherence to their pledge not to raise barriers to trade and investment.



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