07 Apr 10 - National study on private investment in Angola

The Legal Framework of Private Investment in the Republic of AngolaA new UNCTAD study calls for strengthening the legal framework for private investment in Angola.

The study, entitled on The Legal Framework of Private Investment in the Republic of Angola, is now available online in Portuguese. It provides an overview of Angolan laws and decrees regulating private investment, in particular foreign direct investment. For Angola to promote investment and conclude international investment agreements, the country's legal framework for investment must be reinforced, the study says.

The study examines the historical development of that framework since Angola's independence in 1975, including the national institutions concerned with investment and the international conventions and regional investment agreements to which Angola is a party. It looks at how the investment framework has affected investment flows and offers some examples of investment contracts between Angola and private investors.

UNCTAD's role

The Angolan investment framework study was conducted as part of UNCTAD's assistance to strengthening the country's investment capacities. It was prepared by Mr. José Chinjamba, an expert from the Angolan National Private Investment Agency, in collaboration with UNCTAD's Division on Investment and Enterprise and Division on Technology and Logistics. Preliminary results of the study have already been used for discussion at an UNCTAD training workshop on international investment agreements in Luanda.

UNCTAD assistance in this area also involves training. The organization's TrainForTrade programme for Angola helps the government implement locally owned national training and capacity-building activities in the field of international trade.

The programme is funded by the European Commission.



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