23 Dec 10 - Multi-stakeholder participation in the Working Group on Internet Governance

CSTDAt its first meeting on 17 December, the composition of the Working Group on the Internet Governance Forum was agreed, as follows: twenty-two Members States, plus five representatives each from civil society; the business sector; academia and the technical community; and intergovernmental organizations.

At the CSTD inter-sessional panel, which took place in Geneva from 15 to 17 December, the final composition for the new Working Group on improvements to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was decided.

The Group will be composed of representatives from 22 member states:

  • 3 representatives from African States

  • 3 representatives from Asian States

  • 3 representatives from Latin American and Caribbean States

  • 3 representatives from Eastern European States

  • 3 representatives from Western European and other States

  • 5 representatives from the countries that previously hosted IGF meetings (Greece, Brazil, India, Egypt and Lithuania)

  • 2 representatives from the countries hosted the phases of the World summit on the Information society (WSIS) (Switzerland and Tunisia)

The Chair invites the following stakeholders to interactively participate in the Working Group, bearing in mind the established rules of procedure of the ECOSOC, who will remain fully engaged throughout the process:

  • 5 representatives from the business community

  • 5 representatives from civil society

  • 5 representatives from the technical and academic community

  • 5 representatives from Intergovernmental organizations

The stakeholders invited to participate are requested to coordinate among themselves and propose five representatives which should reflect the diversity of every stakeholder category, with a view to providing a balanced representation.

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