05 Jan 11 - Strengthening e-commerce capacities in SELA Member States

SELA CountriesUNCTAD has successfully completed a distance learning course on the legal aspects of e-commerce, for participants from Member States of the Latin American and the Caribbean Economic System (SELA).

From 31 October to 27 November 2011, UNCTAD's TrainForTrade Programme delivered a distance learning course on the legal aspects of e-commerce to 192 participants from 17 SELA Member States. The training course was conducted from UNCTAD headquarters in Geneva through the TrainForTrade distance learning platform (http://learn.unctad.org).

The objective of the course was to improve the capacities of government officials and principal stakeholders involved in the development of legal frameworks for ICT and e-commerce in the SELA region. Extensive exchanges of knowledge and experience took place among the participants via the discussion forum, which saw more than 7,000 discussion postings. The forum will remain open for the use of future trainees, in view of the fact that it was used intensively and in response to requests by participants. The course also provided the opportunity to update the regional database on e-commerce regulation.

In their very positive evaluation of the course, the participants and their institutions highlighted the relevance of UNCTAD's capacity-building actions in the field of cyberlegislation, and welcomed the Organization's commitment to the development of e-commerce in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The course benefited from the collaboration of the Science, Technology and ICT Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD, and of the Secretariat of SELA, and from the financial support of the Government of Spain.

The next step in this collaboration will be a workshop on cyberlaws, to be held from 7 to 10 February 2012, in Asunción, Paraguay.

TrainForTrade is an UNCTAD programme which assists developing countries in maximizing the benefits of globalization through the development of educational capacities. It is carried out by the Division on Technology and Logistics.

These are samples of participant comments received during and after the course:

"This course is an excellent opportunity for countries like mine. The people who work in the subject are trained and are able to transfer their knowledge in the area of developing public policy for the regulation of electronic commerce." (Country: El Salvador)

"With this message, I send my gratitude to UNCTAD TrainForTrade. This course was extremely beneficial for the ADSIB Legal Counsel, which will make extensive use of the experiences, policies and lessons learned." (Country: Plurinational State of Bolivia)

"The course is very useful for today's international trade and use of media and virtual information. As these are the order of the day, we cannot be left out. This requires expertise, better use of the resources available in the field of electronic commerce, and the knowledge that our facts are correct." (Country: Paraguay)

"I hope there will be new opportunities for further updating on the legal aspects of electronic commerce and everything that relates to ICT, as these areas are proceeding apace." (Country: Colombia)

E-commerce training courses should be a requirement for any professional who wants to develop their business or advise their clients in accordance with the new demands of the market, given that technology is an asset to business." (Country: Costa Rica)



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