20 Oct 07 - UNCTAD meets International Trade Union Confederation representatives from developing countries

 A team of representatives of the International Trade Union Confederation from 12 developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific met with UNCTAD officials on 29 October to discuss UNCTAD´s work and the recently launched Trade and Development Report 2007.

At the meeting, Mr. Shigehisa Kasahara, of the Special Programme for Africa described the role, structure and functions of UNCATD. In addition, Ms. Pilar Fajarnes, of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies introduced the new Trade and Development Report and highlighted its main findings. She told representatives that the most important message of the report was that regional cooperation among developing countries could strengthen their national development strategies and be an effective initial step towards integration into the wider international market.

The discussions focused on the link between trade and labour, and the ways in which trade could help tackle poverty in developing countries. UNCTAD was asked to create some kind of forum trade and labour could be discussed.

The meeting was organized by the Civil Society Outreach Unit of UNCTAD, which has organized similar consultations with trade unions in the past.



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