14 Sep 06 - UNCTAD, WTO and ITC collaborate on workshop

UNCTAD Virtual InstituteResearch-based information is essential for trade policies that support development. The workshop links training on analytical tools and methods with the policy-making process.

The "Workshop on Tools and Methods for Trade and Trade Policy Analysis" (Geneva, 11-15 September) is the first of this type conceived and organized by the UNCTAD Virtual Institute in collaboration with UNCTAD´s Division on International Trade in Goods and Services and Commodities, the World Trade Organization and the International Trade Centre.


The workshop brings together expertise from the three agencies:

  • in the use of econometric and simulation tools for research
  • in methodologies for policy-oriented trade research.

In addition, policy makers will participate in an open dialogue on how to enhance links between researchers and governments. They will also discuss ways for researchers to communicate the results of their research.


By the end of the week, participants (21 academics and research professionals from 17 developing countries) will be better poised to:

  • conduct teaching and research on important trade-related questions of relevance to their countries
  • offer substantive, research-based information to government that informs and influences the policy making process.

This kind of capacity is essential for developing countries to shape their own policies at a national level as well as in regional and international negotiating fora.

The Virtual Institute

The Virtual Institute, with sponsorship from Finland, is funding two of the participants from Senegal who have been granted the second Vi Fellowship - one month of supervised study for researchers and academics from developing countries.

UNCTAD´s Special Programme for Least Developed Countries will fund another four participants from Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Togo and Uganda.



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