29 Mar 11 - UNCTAD Secretary-General to pay official visit to the Comoros

UNCTAD The Secretary-General will meet the President of the Union of the Comoros, and reflect on UNCTAD's successful technical cooperation with the island State.

The strengthening of technical cooperation between UNCTAD and the Union of the Comoros will be on the agenda of the meeting between UNCTAD's Secretary General, Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, and the President of the Comoros, H.E. Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi.

The meeting will take place during the Secretary-General's official visit to the country, from 29 to 31 March. Additional issues to be discussed include the Comoros' accession to the World Trade Organization and regional integration matters.

UNCTAD provided technical assistance to strengthen governance in the Comoros as one of its Integrated Framework projects. The overall objective of the project, carried out by the Trade Logistics Branch of UNCTAD's Division on Technology and Logistics, intended to improve the transit of goods through two main ports - Port of Mutsamudu and Port of Moroni - by enhancing the collaboration and connectivity of the relevant stakeholders in the port communities. These include traders, freight forwarders, port authority, terminal operators, shipping companies, and Customs and other border agencies.

The assistance has resulted in establishing "collaborative clusters" in both ports, based on UNCTAD's cluster development approach. The project has successfully offered a platform for private and public stakeholders to share information and identify solutions that improve operational efficiency. Both clusters have developed action plans and import procedure manuals, which are now available online at the Comoros section of the eRegulations website.

In general, the cluster development approach in trade logistics, developed by UNCTAD, is aimed at strengthening institutional capacities of developing countries to enhance trade and transport efficiency, through forming multi-stakeholder groups. Such groups define common objectives and undertake joint actions to manage day-to-day challenges to trade and transport.



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