25 May 09 - Regional Cooperation Agreement signed by Jordan and Syrian Customs

ASYCUDAThe Directors General of the Jordanian and Syrian customs administrations met in Amman on 23 May to sign a protocol on exchanging border-crossing data using UNCTAD´s ASYCUDA system.

The Jordan-Syria protocol on sharing border-traffic data was facilitated by UNCTAD´s flagship customs modernization and automation programme, ASYCUDA.

The agreement, which is a practical example of successful cooperation between customs authorities, will enhance the control of transit operations.

It will also improve the efficiency of management of transit guarantees, allowing a fast release of funds, and will eliminate "double capture" of customs declarations.

Using the advanced technology of the ASYCUDAWorld programme, both countries will benefit rapidly from the immediate implementation of this automated system.

The UNCTAD ASYCUDA programme is working to facilitate similar agreements to be signed in the near future among ASYCUDAWorld user countries.

From left to right: Mr. Ghaleb Qasem Al Sarayreh, Director General of Jordan Customs; Mr. Nabeel Al Saeuri, Director General of Syrian Customs


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