05 May 10 - Business facilitation website launched

Business facilitationUNCTAD has unveiled a new website to identify and publicize examples of good policies and measures developing-country governments can take to ease the creation and operation of private businesses, and to increase investment in these firms.

The Business Facilitation Portal (BusinessFacilitation.org) was launched during last week's session of the UNCTAD Investment, Enterprise, and Development Commission before an audience of academics, government officials, practitioners, investors, and representatives from international and non-governmental organizations from around the world.

The Portal is intended to help governments to learn from each other and encourage the exchange of proven solutions to diminish the administrative burden for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Business Facilitation.orgThe portal features an online database of "smart solutions" (currently 81), which have been implemented in developed and developing countries to make administrative procedures more transparent, simpler, and faster.

These solutions fall into three categories:

  1. Regulations: that is, laws and other normative texts setting rules.

  2. Organizational schemes: physical working structures or operational arrangements set up to improve or speed up administrative procedures, such as "one-stop shops" for setting up businesses.

  3. Electronic tools: electronic systems linking governments and businesses (G2B), governments and the citizens (G2C), and government offices (G2G).

The portal also offers proven methods for streamlining government/business interactions, such as for starting businesses, obtaining business licenses, registering property, obtaining construction permits, hiring workers, obtaining visas and residence permits, paying taxes, trading across borders, and closing businesses.

The intended target audience for the portal is high-level government officials, policy makers in both developed and developing countries, cooperation agencies, and donor organizations.



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