15 Nov 10 - UNCTAD´s eRegulations system to be introduced in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina

UNCTAD E-regulationThe project is one of the first of its kind to be implemented at the municipal level. It is expected to lead to better public services, greater efficiency, improved governance and cost reductions. An official agreement was signed today.

UNCTAD's eRegulations project is about to be implemented in the Argentinean municipality of Lomas de Zamora.

A formal cooperation agreement was signed today between UNCTAD's Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Petko Draganov, and the Mayor of Lomas de Zamora, Mr. Martin Insaurralde. Once implemented, the system should contribute greatly to the efficiency of the municipality's public services, to improved governance and to cost reductions.

When using the system, citizens will enjoy fully transparent administrative procedures. They will know who the civil servant in charge of their case is, what forms and documents are required, how long the process takes, what costs are involved, and who to complain to in case of disagreement.

eRegulations is UNCTAD's eGovernment system. Such systems were initially conceived as a way of providing better services to citizens, but are now increasingly also seen as a means of involving citizens in the regulatory process and in decision-making. The system's capabilities can remove some of the unnecessary burdens on enterprise activities, thereby contributing to increased domestic and foreign investment, facilitating entry into the formal economy, and promoting good governance.

eRegulations is a turn-key, web-based solution that is currently being installed in approximately 10 countries around the world. Moscow (Russian Federation) and Lomas de Zamora (Argentina) were the first municipalities to request the system, paving the way for implementation in decentralized government institutions, rather than merely at the national level.

The initial implementation phase in Lomas de Zamora is expected to start in February 2011.

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