06 Oct 11 - Composition of the Working Group on Internet Governance

CSTDThe list of member States and other stakeholders that constitute the Working Group on improvements to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) has been determined.

Chair: Mr. Peter Major (Hungary)

Vice-Chairperson: Mr. Vijaya Kumar (Sri Lanka)

Member States

  • Brazil

  • Chile

  • Costa Rica

  • Egypt

  • El Salvador

  • Finland

  • Ghana

  • Greece

  • Hungary

  • India

  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)

  • Kenya

  • Lesotho

  • Lithuania

  • Pakistan

  • Portugal

  • Russian Federation

  • Slovakia

  • South Africa

  • Sri Lanka

  • Switzerland

  • Tunisia

  • United States of America


Business Community

  • Ms Marilyn Cade, CEO and Principal, mCADE LLC - ICT Strategies

  • Mr Patrik Faltstrom, Distinguished Consulting Engineer, Cisco Systems - Sweden

  • Mr Jimson Olufuye, President, Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN) & Vice-Chairman, WITSA (Sub-Saharan Africa), Nigeria

  • Mr Christoph Steck, Public Policy Director, Telefonica S.A.

  • Ms Theresa Swinehart, Director - Global Internet Policy, Verizon


Civil Society

  • Mr Izumi Aizu, Senior Research Fellow & Professor, Institute for InfoSocinomics, Kumon Center, Tama University

  • Ms Anriette Esterhuysen, Executive Director, Association for Progressive Communications

  • Mr Parminder Jeet Singh, Executive Director, IT for Change

  • Ms Marilia Maciel, Project leader and researcher, Center for Technology and Society at Fundação Getulio Vargas

  • Mr Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Professor, Department for Media and Information Sciences, University of Aarhus


Technical and Academic Community

  • Ms Constance Bommelaer, Director, Strategic Global Engagement, Internet Society

  • Ms Samantha Dickinson, Senior Policy Specialist, APNIC Pty Ltd

  • Mr Baher Esmat, Manager, Regional Relations - Middle East, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Cairo, Egypt

  • Ms Nurani Nimpuno, Outreach & Communications Manager, Netnod (Autonomica)

  • Mr Oscar Robles-Garay, General Director for NIC México, LACNIC Board of Directors (Regional IP Registry for Latin American and Caribbean region)



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