22 March 06 - UNCTAD Secretary-General reaffirms the value of cooperation with civil society

S-GSupachai Panitchpakdi and Dirk Bruinsma, Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary General of UNCTAD, underlined the need to enhance cooperation with civil society organizations to enhance UNCTAD´s impact on the ground.

The Secretary-General outlined key priorities for UNCTAD´s work, including science and technology: addressing the digital divide and contributing to the emerging framework of "Aid for Trade".

He also emphasised that UNCTAD needs to work in an integrated and coherent manner and enhance its cooperation with other agencies and organization to increase its impact on the ground.

The meeting was attended by representatives of civil society organizations based in Geneva. Other issues raised by the CSOs during the meeting included:

  • the impact of the UN reform on UNCTAD;

  • the Panel of Eminent Persons established by the Secretary-General of UNCTAD;

  • UNCTAD´s contribution and follow-up to the World Summit on the Information Society;

  • the International Task Force on Commodities; and

  • trade-and-gender-related issues.



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