30 April 10 - UNCTAD releases publication on tourism investment promotion

Investment Advisory Series Series AUNCTAD's new publication, Promoting Foreign Investment in Tourism, takes the reader through a 10-step process to develop and execute a strategy for attracting foreign investors in tourism - a sector of key importance for development.

On the occasion of the second session of the Investment, Enterprise and Development Commission, UNCTAD is releasing the fifth issue of its Investment Advisory Series A, entitled Promoting Foreign Investment in Tourism.

The publication takes the reader through a 10-step process to develop and execute an investment promotion strategy for the tourism sector.

The process outlined in the publication will help investment promotion agencies (IPAs) identify where they should concentrate resources so as to achieve the best results.

The publication stresses that a systematic approach is required to achieve success in the promotion of tourism investment and that the tourism industry's cross-cutting nature means that the IPA should coordinate its efforts with other stakeholders, both public and private.

UNCTAD's Investment Advisory Series A deals with topics related to investment promotion and facilitation, including the work of IPAs and other institutions that provide services to investors. The publications provide practical advice for attracting and benefiting from foreign direct investment (FDI), in line with national development strategies.

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