26 Feb 10 - UNCTAD to hold 2nd Public Symposium

UNCTAD to hold 2nd Public SymposiumUNCTAD will hold its second public symposium on 10 to 11 May 2010 on the topic "Responding to Global Crises: New Development Paths". The event will build on the success of the first symposium by broadening the perspectives and insights of multiple stakeholders on the global crises and new development paths.

The key topics that will be debated this year include:

  • Rethinking global economic governance: towards trade and financial reforms for enhancing development (Policy challenges for sustainable recovery and support to new development paths) and,
  • Sustainable development strategies (Inter-related challenges facing developing countries, bringing about more environmentally sustainable and inclusive growth and implications for new approaches to meet the Millennium Development Goals).

Public Symposium 2010The symposium will open with a round table of eminent speakers on the main themes followed by moderated plenaries and focused group discussions to debate key aspects of the crises. It is open to representatives of civil society, member States, international organizations, other United Nations agencies, parliamentarians, the private sector, academia and the media.

A dedicated website for the event http://www.unctad.org/publicsymposium has been launched with detailed information on the topics, how to register and, contribute to the event.

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