13 Jul 11 - UNCTAD Information and Communications Technology Policy Review of Egypt presented to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology

Egyptian FlagUNCTAD presented to H.E. Magued Osman, Egypt's Minister of Communications and Information Technology, the ICT Policy Review of Egypt to be officially launched in the last quarter of 2011. The Minister declared that the recommendations contained in the review will be valuable inputs to the next ICT strategy of Egypt.

The presentation on 4 July 2011 in Cairo of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy Review of Egypt was made to H.E. Magued Osman in the presence of Dr. Amr Badawi, Executive President of the National Telecommunications Regulation Authority, Mr. Sherif El Tokali, Assistant Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme Country Office in Cairo, which is supporting the project financially, and a team from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Egypt led by Dr. Nagwa El-Shenawy.

H.E. Magued Osman welcomed the Review and stated that its recommendations would constitute valuable inputs and a timely contribution as the Ministry prepares the next national ICT strategy. He stressed the relevance of assessing past policy measures to be able to advance towards a more inclusive information economy in Egypt.

This ICT Policy Review, carried out at the request of the Ministry from May 2009 to December 2010, documents the considerable progress made on building an inclusive information society and economy in Egypt. Thanks to, among others, the strong commitment from the highest level of the Government, Egypt has seen marked improvements in ICT infrastructure, in the availability of trained human resources, in exports of ICT-enabled services and in the promotion of digital content.

The Review looks into five areas: infrastructure development, with a particular emphasis on broadband development; skills developments for the ICT sector, ICT use in the education system, e-content development and the promotion of an export-oriented ICT sector. The publication identifies the main achievements and remaining challenges in the selected areas and proposes policy recommendations. Recommendations are based on the findings of the project and lessons learned from other countries.

For each area, UNCTAD is also proposing indicators that can serve as a basis for setting clear and measurable targets in the next national strategy. The UNCTAD ICT Policy Review of Egypt is the first of its kind and will be officially launched in October 2011.

Presentation of ICT Policy Review of Egypt
Mr. Sherif El Tokali, Cécile Barayre, Dr Nagwa El-Shenawy, H.E. Magued Osman, Torbjörn Fredriksson and Dr. Amr Badawi



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