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UNCTAD to brief new Egyptian diplomats
18 July 2012
Egyptian flag
Nine newly recruited Egyptian diplomats will be coming to UNCTAD 27 July for a briefing on the work of the organization. The young diplomats are currently undergoing training at the Egyptian Institute for Diplomatic Studies in Cairo.

According to a note from the Permanent Mission of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the young diplomats are coming to Geneva to receive an overview of the United Nations system and other international organizations.

Apart from general information on the history, objectives, mandates, and structure of UNCTAD, the Permanent Mission of Egypt has also requested a presentation on the relationship between Egypt and UNCTAD.

Regular briefings are provided by UNCTAD for new Geneva-based diplomats on key issues on the international economic agenda.  Special briefings are also provided to visiting groups and delegations at the request of member States. ​


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