unctad.org | UNCTAD's Entrepreneurship Policy Framework presented in Brasilia
UNCTAD's Entrepreneurship Policy Framework presented in Brasilia
25 June 2012

UNCTAD's Entrepreneurship Policy Framework was featured in an International Seminar in Brasilia this past June. The Seminar focused on developing and providing feedback on Brazil's National Public Policy on Entrepreneurship.​

The Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil convened an International Seminar of the Entrepreneurship National Public Policy in June of 2012. Other stakeholders involved included the University of Brasilia, Endeavor Brazil, the European Union, the Technological Development Support Centre and the National Confederation of Trade, Goods and Services and Tourism. The Seminar discussed best practices in formulating an entrepreneurship strategy. UNCTAD presented the Entrepreneurship Policy Framework and engaged in a debate with stakeholders.

Based on UNCTAD’s database on good practices, the seminar provided insight of what worked in the region in entrepreneurship policies. The initiative culminates a process by the Government of Brazil to map out the current state of entrepreneurship in Brazil, as a first step to design a national entrepreneurship policy. The Seminar concluded with a review by participants of a draft national public policy on entrepreneurship.


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