UNCTAD strengthens cooperation with Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)
04 October 2012
UNCTAD continued its efforts to build Palestinian capacity in the area of economic modelling, forecasting and policy analysis by training PCBS staff at its headquarters in Geneva. Messrs Qalalwa, and Hamayel, received further on-the-job training by staff of UNCTAD's Assistance to the Palestinian People Unit (APPU) on modelling and simulating of UNCTAD's macroeconometric model of the Palestinian economy from 1-5 October 2012.

The key goal of the PCBS-UNCTAD cooperation is to enhance the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) capacity for economic modelling and forecasting, evaluating and interpreting economic, demographic and labour indicators, and assessing the impact of different economic policy choices.

Another objective of the cooperation is to house UNCTAD's macroeconometric model of the Palestinian economy at the PCBS headquarters to produce official Palestinian economic forecasts and conduct policy scenario analyses.

Towards achieving this goal, Messrs Mohammed Qalalwa, Manager, and Mohannad Hamayel, Statistical Assistant, both of the Economic Analysis and Forecasts Unit, PCBS, received training specifically on model estimation, in-sample simulation, baseline scenario, forecasting assumptions and alternative forecast scenarios.

Moreover, UNCTAD and the visiting PCBS staff discussed the details of a follow-up training workshop to be delivered by APPU/UNCAD staff, in cooperation with PCBS, in Ramallah in November 2012. The workshop will be attended by staff from various Palestinian economic ministries and agencies.

PCBS staff, Mohammed Qalalwa, and Mohannad Hamayel, discuss modelling with UNCTAD/APPU staff:
Mahmoud Elkhafif and Mutasim Elagraa.


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