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Latest UNCTAD Investment Policy Monitor released
15 February 2012
Investment Policy Monitor

Countries recognize the need to attract foreign investors as investment policies continue to be generally favourable to foreign investment.​

Investment policies in the review period (September 2011-January 2012) were generally favourable to foreign investment. The new Monitor finds that countries continue encouraging foreign investment by means of measures relating to investment liberalization, promotion and facilitation.

During the review period, at least 19 countries introduced new national policy measures related to investment. Seven countries adopted measures specifically related to foreign direct investment (FDI). As in previous review periods, the great majority of them were favourable to foreign investors, but there have also been some new FDI restrictions, including on outward FDI. Five countries adopted measures addressing both domestic and foreign investment, relating, inter alia, to promoting investment, strengthening government control and reducing existing investment incentives. Ten countries adopted policy measures relating to the general business climate, in particular with regard to corporate taxation.
Also, 25 new international investment agreements were concluded. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounced its membership in the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), and leaders at the G20 Summit in Cannes reaffirmed their commitment to refrain from raising barriers or imposing new barriers to investment.



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