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UNCTAD and Qatar Foundation join forces to promote innovation for development
16 April 2012
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​Innovation changes the way we work, live and dream; its transformational power and impact on development are limitless. It is in this context that UNCTAD and Qatar Foundation have joined forces to partner in the open forum titled Innovation and Technology Day at UNCTAD XIII in Doha.

​The Innovation and Technology Day is the first of a series of regular gatherings for policy makers, business leaders, technology pioneers, experts and academia, designed to facilitate the dialogue and action on key issues of innovation and technology and their relation to development.

The event aims to unlock human potential to foster sustainable development. The focus will be on the ability of developing countries to harness science, technology and innovation by way of technological upgrading and modernization of their production activities. The sessions will juxtapose experiences and challenges recounted by innovators from all over the world with policy makers to bring out some of the day-to-day challenges and best ways to address them.
It is the hope that the stories exchanged and the policy lessons shared will help us to forge ahead in addressing specific development challenges to which innovation holds the key, such as those related to food security, health, energy and climate change.
Discussions on information and communication technologies (ICTs) and their transformative power will complement the core theme. ICTs catalyse newer, inclusive, developmental opportunities across the world on a regular basis. This includes access to affordable and relevant ICT infrastructure that complements and fosters the development of human capacity.
It also augments the implementation of appropriate institutional and regulatory frameworks in developing countries for overall industrial development. In the years to come, the new ICT landscape will greatly influence the efficient use of mobile broadband and money, cloud computing, social networking and other innovations, and hence promoting their potential for the developing countries is an urgent imperative.
Both Qatar Foundation and UNCTAD bring in unparalleled expertise as co-hosts for this event. Qatar Foundation is a leading institution driving the development of innovative education, science and research initiatives. UNCTAD is the focal point within the United Nations for the integrated treatment of trade and development and interrelated issues in among others technology and sustainable development.
The Innovation and Technology Day will take place as part of the UNCTAD XIII Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar, on 24 April 2012.



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