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Broad support for UNCTAD expressed at General Debate
24 April 2012

​Developed and developing countries alike have been expressing strong commitments to the strengthening of UNCTAD and reinforcing its mandate in their formal statements delivered in the General Debate at UNCTAD XIII.

​The General Debate at UNCTAD conferences is an opportunity for member States to express their views on the substantive issues of the conference through formal statements.
The General Debate at UNCTAD XIII over the past four days has seen a pattern of statements that reflect positively on the organization’s work and has seen calls for its mandate to be reinforced.

BRAZIL (H.E. Roberto Azevedo) :“UNCTAD needs, and we must grant it, a clear mandate that allows for independence and flexibility in its efforts to develop concepts and strategies for the development of a solid framework for North-South relations in this new world.”
RUSSIA  (H.E. A.E. Likhachev): “[Due to] a serious increase in the role and the importance of UNCTAD,  [the] Russian Federation is prepared to support UNCTAD in the practical implementation of the conference’s decisions.  ...  This will contribute to reducing economic risks and improving economic growth."
CHINA  (H.E. Yu Jianhua):  “China supports UNCTAD efforts to engage in global economic governance, help tackle the issue of unbalanced global development, put forth good policy suggestions for all countries to address global challenges and promote sustainable development of developing countries.”
INDIA  (H.E. Shri Anand Sharma):  “I would like to reiterate India's continuing support for UNCTAD as the focal point within the UN for the integrated treatment of trade and development and the interrelated issues in the areas of finance, technology, investment and sustainable development. UNCTAD’s comparative advantage in all areas of its work, including in technical cooperation and capacity building in trade related areas, should be recognized and robustly supported by the international community.”
INDONESIA (H.E. Dian Djani):  “It has been almost fifty years since UNCTAD began working to improve the quality of human life through trade and development... it is fitting that we rejuvenate the spirit that launched this Conference. ...  With that UNCTAD spirit, we can address the multifaceted, interlinked, simultaneous and transnational challenges that we are all facing.  ... UNCTAD has to attend to the restructuring of the international economic system so that it will remove barriers to development and promote inclusive growth."
SOUTH AFRICA  (H.E. Rob Davies): “South Africa therefore remains committed to supporting a strengthening of UNCTAD’s capacity to deliver on its programmes of consensus building, policy dialogue, research, technical cooperation and capacity building, so that it is better equipped to deliver on its development mandate."
AUSTRALIA  (H.E. Richard Marles):  “Australia remains committed to working within UNCTAD to better support developing countries, particularly the small and remote states, to manage these challenges, share the benefits, and achieve broad-based, sustainable, inclusive economic growth and development."
FINLAND  (H.E.  Heidi Hautala):  “There is a great demand for UNCTAD’s expertise as the UN focal point for trade, investment and related topics, particularly by the Least Developed Countries and other poor and vulnerable countries. ... UNCTAD can have a great role to play in achieving the global development goals."
BELGIUM  (H.E. Paul Magnette):  “It is undeniable that UNCTAD has, for a number of years, conducted relevant and independent analysis on the interdependencies of trade, finance, private investment and development and that it should be able to continue to play this role."


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