unctad.org | Seizing Green Investment Opportunities: The Role of IPAs
Seizing Green Investment Opportunities: The Role of IPAs
02 mayo 2013
Room XXVII - E Building
Geneva, Suiza

Aspectos Salientes

​Green FDI presents many new opportunities: from greening existing investments to attracting new projects in renewables. What are the opportunities? What are the lessons learned by IPAs to refine proactive promotion strategies, promote clusters and engage in win-win partnerships?

UNCTAD is holding a one-day learning event for investment promoters on 2 May 2013, in Geneva, bringing in experts from IBM Plant Location International (IBM-PLI), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and IPAs from Sweden, Copenhagen, and Hong Kong (China), to share insights, trends, promotion techniques, partnerships and other strategies to help countries green their FDI.

Registration for this event is necessary as places are limited. Please contact ips@unctad.org to obtain more information and a registration form.


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