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Second National Stakeholder Workshop on Services
15 mayo 2013
Imperial Beach Resort Hotel
Entebbe, Uganda, Uganda

Aspectos Salientes

This second stakeholder workshop is being organized in the context of a Services Policy Review (SPR) undertaken by Uganda with the support of UNCTAD.

The meeting will provide the opportunity for UNCTAD and the national team of experts to present the SPR study which focusses on 3 priority sectors, namely distribution services, ICT-related services and services auxiliary to all modes of transport.

The stakeholders will critically consider, discuss and validate the findings of the study and adopt recommendations for sectoral development and the action plan for the implementation of the recommendations.

As Uganda had completed a first SPR in 2010 which covered insurance, legal, accounting and construction and engineering services, the workshop will also review a report on the implementation of the recommendations of the first SPR.

Participants will include government institutions (policy makers and regulators) and private sector and civil society representatives (operators, professional associations, consumer associations, etc.) from all the covered services sectors.

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