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Launch of the Review of Maritime Transport 2013
04 - 05 diciembre 2013

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The UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport is the acknowledged United Nations source of statistics and analysis on seaborne trade, the world fleet, freight rates, port traffic, and the latest trends in the legal and regulatory environment for international maritime transport.

The special chapter on "Landlocked countries and maritime transport" provides an overview of recent progress made in understanding impediments to accessing sea-shipping services, for the trade of goods between landlocked territories and overseas markets.

In today's interdependent and globalized world, efficient and cost-effective transportation systems that link global supply chains are the engine fuelling economic development and prosperity. With 80 per cent of global merchandise trade by volume carried by sea and handled by ports worldwide, the strategic economic importance of maritime transport as a trade enabler cannot be overemphasized. The trade competitiveness of all countries - developed and developing alike, and including landlocked countries - depends heavily on effective access to international shipping services and port networks.

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