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Induction course for new Geneva-based Delegates
07 - 09 septiembre 2014
Palais des Nations

Aspectos Salientes

The UNCTAD secretariat would like to invite delegates new to UNCTAD to participate in an induction course.


  • To familiarize new delegates covering UNCTAD with the organization's structure and relationship with the United Nations system as well as its activities and programmes.

  • To provide an opportunity for newly arrived delegates in UNCTAD to meet each other and key officials of the secretariat.


  • UNCTAD's mandate, principal activities and structure; the three pillars and their synergy

    • What is the history of UNCTAD?
    • What have been its principal accomplishments?
    • What are the key elements of the UNCTAD XIII outcomes?
  • The secretariat and its main substantive areas of work

    • How is the secretariat organized?
    • How can delegations best interact with the secretariat?
    • How can delegates better prepare for meetings?
    • What does the secretariat produce and how can the benefits be maximized?
    • What are the services available to delegations before and after meetings?
  • UNCTAD's intergovernmental machinery

    • What is the structure and logic behind the intergovernmental machinery?
    • What are the outcomes of meetings? How do they relate with the broader work of the United Nations?
    • What do the various officers of a meeting (Chair, Vice-Chair, Rapporteur) do?


The course is primarily intended for delegates new to UNCTAD. Other delegates are also welcome.


The course will last 6 hours. It is an intensive programme requiring the active involvement of all the participants. Each topic will include a period for discussion and questions on points of specific interest to the participants.


Idioma(s):; English; French; Chinese; Russian; Arabic;


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