29th regional course on Key Issues on the International Economic Agenda
30 junio - 18 julio 2014
Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia

Aspectos Salientes

​The course, designed for policy makers, focuses on the links between trade, investment, finance, technology  and development. Its aim is to:

(a)    Enhance understanding of the relationship among these areas and their link to countries’ development strategies; and

(b)    Provide participants with knowledge and skills for the design and implementation of trade and development policies, as well as for trade negotiations corresponding to the needs and interests of their countries. 

The course is organized by the Knowledge Development Branch of UNCTAD's Division on Technology and Logistics with the support of the Singapore Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Organizado con:Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade
Patrocinador / financiamiento:University of Belgrade


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