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UNCTAD Training of Technical Tutors Workshop for Ghana and Gambia
10 - 12 septiembre 2013
Ghana Multimedia Incubator Centre (GMIC)
Accra, Ghana

Aspectos Salientes

​TrainForTrade will organise a Training of Technical Tutors (ToTT) Workshop in Accra, Ghana from 10 – 12 September 2013. The workshop is part of the TrainForTrade* Project in ECOWAS, which runs from 2013 – 2015. The project aims at enhancing the knowledge and skills of public officials and private sector stakeholders in electronic commerce. The ToTT workshops are an important element of TrainForTrade’s e-learning programme that promotes local management of the distance-learning deliveries of training courses. 17 participants from Ghana and 2 from Gambia will participate in the workshop and will learn the process of TrainForTrade e-learning delivery. The technical tutors are expected to then locally support the distance-learning deliveries of the training course on the Legal Aspects of E-Commerce, in collaboration with the ICT Analysis section, proposed for October and November 2013. The Project is financed by the United Nations Development Account.

*TrainForTrade is a programme of the Knowledge Sharing, Training and Capacity Development Branch, in the Division on Technology and Logistics/UNCTAD

Patrocinador / financiamiento:United Nations Development Account
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