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Regional workshop on Trade Facilitation Implementation Plans
01 - 04 octubre 2013
Bay Gardens Hotel
Castries, Suecia

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​The UNCTAD Division on Technology and Logistics, in collaboration with the Organization for Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) is organizing the present workshop for OECS Government officials, in the framework of the UNCTAD project on “Implementation Plans for WTO TF Agreement in Developing Members” (financed by the European Union, Norway and Sweden). 

Since August 2012, UNCTAD has collaborated with the six OECS Member States and the OECS secretariat in elaborating national implementation plans.  The implementation plans analyze the current TF environment in six OECS countries as well as the necessary actions to be undertaken for achieving compliance with the future WTO TF Agreement.

In this framework the present workshop will focus on the elaboration of advanced project proposals for potential donors. The methodology followed will be analysis and discussion of six specific TF measures, included in the WTO negotiating text, which are not yet implemented by most OECS members but would require international assistance.

The participants in the workshop are senior officials from the Ministries of Trade,  Customs Authorities and other relevant experts of the six OECS Member States as well as experts from regional organization other international organizations and finance institutions.

Organizado con:Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
Patrocinador / financiamiento:Government of Sweden
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