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Short Courses on Key Issues on the International Economic Agenda
21 mayo 2014
10:00 hrs., Room XXV, Palais des Nations
Geneva, Suiza

Aspectos Salientes

UNCTAD Programme on Non-tariff Measures in World Trade


In a context where tariffs have significantly decreased over the last few decades, non-tariff measures (NTMs) have become major determinants in restricting market entry, particularly for developing countries.

In fact, UNCTAD research shows that the ability to gain and benefit from market access increasingly depends on compliance with trade regulatory measures such as sanitary requirements and goods standards.

This is why they have become a major challenge for exporters, importers and policymakers. Understanding the uses and implications of these trade policy instruments is essential for the formulation and implementation of effective trade policies and development strategies.

This session will explore the findings of UNCTAD's work on NTMs, which encompasses definition, classification, collection of data and analysis of trade impact. A new online training tool to increase understanding of NTMs will also be presented.


The aim of the courses is to give delegates from permanent missions an opportunity to become better acquainted with topical issues and developments on the international economic agenda as they are reflected in UNCTAD's work.

Participation and Registration

The secretariat invites permanent missions to nominate delegates who follow matters pertaining to UNCTAD or the World Trade Organization in Geneva to attend these courses.

Mr. Mohan Panicker, Project Coordinator
Knowledge Sharing, Training and Capacity Development Branch
Division on Technology and Logistics
Tel.: +41 (0)22 917 2561
E-mail: mohan.panicker@unctad.org


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