03 Mar 08 - LDCs in Lesotho draft negotiating position for trade talks

City A ministerial meeting of the LDCs in Lesotho on 27-29 February attended by UNCTAD´s Secretary-General helped these countries consolidate their positions in view of the intensifying multilateral trade negotiations under way at the WTO and of a possible new WTO ministerial conference later this year.

UNCTAD Secretary-General Supachai shared UNCTAD´s perspective on the negotiations with the participants and later briefed the King, Foreign Minister and Acting Prime Minister on the organization´s support to Lesotho. That support includes the preparation of an investment policy review and Africa Connect, a programme aimed at training IT personnel and providing electronic and telecommunications equipment for schools. Dr. Supachai also talked about UNCTAD´s upcoming 12th Ministerial Conference, to be held in Accra in April, where the LDC Trade Ministers will meet again to discuss their strategy on the Conference outcome and the WTO talks.



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