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New maritime transport indicator added to UNCTADstat
01 mayo 2013

A new maritime transport indicator for world seaborne trade by types of cargo and country groups has been added to UNCTADstat statistical portfolio.​

The indicator provides information on total world seaborne trade by volume (metric tons) as well as a breakdown of this total by

  • Cargo type, namely, crude oil, petroleum products and gas, dry cargo, including containerised trade and

  • Country groups and regions.

Figures reflect volumes loaded (equivalent more or less to exports) and unloaded (equivalent more or less to imports) at ports worldwide.

Dating back to 1970, the data series are published annually in the UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport, one of UNCTAD's flagship reports published since 1968 in support of informed maritime transport policy-making and decisions.

The data cover the period 1970-2011 for the World. Data by country groups and regions extend over a shorter period 2006-2011, to ensure consistency with the composition of country groupings used in the Handbook of Statistics. They are updated yearly in December.


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