UNCTAD Secretary-General conducts handover ceremony of the chairmanship of the Group of 77 and China in Geneva
27 enero 2014
UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi welcomed the permanent representative of Chad to the annual rotating chairmanship of the G-77 and China chapter in Geneva at a handover ceremony on January 24.

G-77 and China
From left: H.E. Mr. Malloum Bamanga Abbas of the Republic of Chad (Chairman of the G-77 and China, Geneva Chapter) and H.E. Mr. Miguel Carbo Benites of Ecuador (outgoing chairman)
- H.E. Mr. Malloum Bamanga Abbas of the Republic of Chad (Chairman of the G-77 and China, Geneva Chapter)

Thanking the outgoing chairman of the group H.E. Mr. Miguel Carbo Benites, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the World Trade Organization, Dr. Kituyi noted that 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the G-77 which was formed at the end of the first United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in 1964.

"Congratulations Ambassador Carbo for your able leadership during the past year, which saw notably the finalization of the strategic framework for the next biennium and the modalities of celebrations of the 50th anniversary of UNCTAD and the Group of 77 and China," Dr. Kituyi said. "Your work has undoubtedly laid a firm foundation for what promises to be a crucial year for UNCTAD and the broader development community, when we both celebrate the 50th anniversary of our establishment."

In welcoming H.E. Mr. Malloum Bamanga Abbas, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Chad to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, Dr. Kituyi stressed the work that lies ahead for the G-77 and China with respect to formulating the development agenda after 2015.

"I firmly believe that Ambassador Abbas will continue to ensure that the voice of developing countries will be heard in the United Nations and around the world, as the global community focuses its attention on the articulation of the post-2015 development agenda." Dr. Kituyi said.

The Group of 77 (G-77) was established on June 15, 1964 by seventy-seven developing countries at the end of the first session of UNCTAD in Geneva.

Subsequently, the group established chapters in the various UN centers so that today, the G-77 is present in New York, Geneva, Nairobi, Paris, Rome, and Vienna.

Although the membership of the G-77 has increased to 133 countries, the original name was retained for its historical and symbolic resonance.


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