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Online training in ‘mainstreaming trade’
19 agosto 2013
UNCTAD and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) are launching a six-week online course in "Mainstreaming Trade in UN Development Assistance Frameworks.”

The course will be offered in English and French beginning on 7 October.

The training is aimed at non-trade experts and based on interagency material prepared by the UN Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity, for which UNCTAD functions as coordinator. The material has been used since 2011 in face-to-face national and regional workshops.

The target audience is developing countries' government officials responsible for planning development assistance; other stakeholders involved in the establishment of development strategies; and UN "country team" members who will be designing country-based development assistance frameworks (UNDAFs) in collaboration with national authorities.

The course also will be open to academics, businessmen, and researchers interested in the role of trade in development strategies and assistance plans.

The goal is to help officials establish effective trade components in their UNDAFs.

The interactive e-learning methodology of the course will seek to enable trainees to develop their understanding the role trade and productive capacity can play in development strategies; distinguish the linkages trade has with other dimensions of development; understand the preconditions for trade to be effective in developmental processes; identify which UN vehicles are most suitable for delivering trade-related assistance; analyze UN integrated projects inside and outside UNDAFs that have trade components; and formulate integrated UNDAF development programmes that take better account of the trade dimension.

Those completing the course's five modules will receive a certificate issued by UNITAR and UNCTAD.


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