Spanish version of the Creative Economy Report 2010 now available
12 abril 2013
Creative Economy Report 2010
Thanks to the kind support of the Universidad Tecnologica de Chile, INACAP in Concepcion, Talcahuano, the UNCTAD Creative Economy Report 2010 has been translated into Spanish.

The Spanish version of the Creative Economy Report 2010 is an important contribution to the dissemination, among the Spanish-speaking community, of the research being carried out in different parts of the world for mapping the overall impact of the creative economy at the national and international level.

The Report provides empirical evidence that the creative industries are among the most dynamic emerging sectors in world trade.

It also shows that the interface among creativity, culture, economics and technology, as expressed in the ability to create and circulate intellectual capital, has the potential to generate income, jobs and export earnings while at the same time contributing to social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development.

The report addresses the challenge of assessing the creative economy with a view to informed policy-making by outlining the conceptual, institutional and policy frameworks in which this economy can flourish.


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