Protecting Policy Space for Development: Corporate Globalization and the World Trade Organization
24 junio 2013
Public Symposium
During the session, speakers demonstrated how the current negotiations in the Doha Round of the World Trade Organization (WTO) remain tilted towards the interests of developed country corporations, rather than the inclusive and sustainable development aspirations of the majority of the world.

Summary text prepared by the lead organizer of the session: Our World Is Not For Sale Network. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of UNCTAD.




In particular, proposals by the Least Developed Countries, and by a coalition of 46 developing countries to allow them to promote Food Security, are being marginalized.

Meanwhile in the talks on Trade Facilitation, binding rules that would result in increased imports into many developing countries are moving forward, while considerations for Special and Differential Treatment are not advancing significantly.

WTO members need to engage in a Turnaround of the agenda to focus on changing rules to allow countries to protect policy space and use trade for development, and UNCTAD can play a role in helping developing countries achieve that, instead of promoting Trade Facilitation.

Moderator:   Ms. Deborah James, Our World Is Not For Sale Network


  • Ms. Sanya Reid Smith, Third World Network, Geneva
  • Mr. Georgios Altintzis, International Trade Union Confederation, Brussels
  • Ms. Aileen Kwa, South Centre, Geneva
  • Mr. Jayant Dasgupta, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India at the WTO

[A full report of the session will be published in due course.]


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