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Second Swiss university joins Virtual Institute
10 julio 2013

Geneva’s Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies has joined the Virtual Institute (Vi), further strengthening the presence of UNCTAD’s host country, Switzerland – which is already represented by the World Trade Institute – in the Vi network.​

In the past, the Virtual Institute has cooperated and interacted, on an ad hoc basis, with Jasmine Champenois, Executive Director of the Institute's International Programmes, and Theresa Carpenter, Executive Director of its Centre on Trade and Economic Integration. This - in addition to the recent move by our UNCTAD colleague, Ugo Panizza, to take up a professorship at the Institute - triggered a mutual wish to institutionalize and strengthen cooperation through Vi membership.

The Graduate Institute is a research and higher education institution dedicated to the study of world affairs, with a particular emphasis on the cross-cutting fields of international relations and development issues. Capitalizing on its location in Geneva, it engages intensely with international organizations, non-governmental organizations, government representatives and multinational companies, with the aim of developing creative thinking on the major challenges of our time, fostering global responsibility, and advancing respect for diversity.

The Institute offers graduate programmes in a number of "trade and development" areas, particularly international economics, international law, development studies, international relations and international affairs. On offer also are PhD programmes in international economics, development economics, international law, and international relations. Additionally, the Institute runs two-week summer and winter programmes focusing on the WTO, international trade and development; the United Nations and global challenges; and international affairs and multilateral governance. In terms of executive education, degree-granting programmes are available in development policies and practices; international negotiation and policymaking; and international oil and gas leadership.

Faculty and researchers at the Graduate Institute work in interdisciplinary teams in various research centres and programmes. These include the Centre for Finance and Development, the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration, the Centre for International Environmental Studies, the Programme for the Study of Global Migration, the Programme for the Study of International Governance, and the Programme on Gender and Global Change.

The academic aspects of cooperation between the Graduate Institute and the Virtual Institute will be coordinated by two colleagues. Ugo Panizza, Professor at the Department of International Economics and Deputy Director of the Institute's Centre on Finance and Development, teaches courses on econometrics, and finance and development, and leads a doctoral seminar in development. His research interests include international finance, sovereign debt, banking, political economy, income inequality, and the public sector labour market, issues on which he has an extensive publication record. He will be supported by Theresa Carpenter, whose research work focuses on the economics of global and regional value chains, the link between financial markets and trade, and the impacts of the 2008-2009 global crisis. Jasmine Champenois, who is responsible for the Institute's international programmes, and who has been the driving force behind the Institute's Vi membership, will provide support with regard to the institutional coordination of the cooperation with the Vi.

The Institute is ready to host Vi fellows in its library, to receive Vi study tours for short presentations, to assist in identifying interns, and to facilitate possible pro bono research work for the Vi by its students. It is also interested in promoting its scholarships and degree programmes within the Vi network, and in undertaking research cooperation with other members on topics of mutual interest.


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