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UNCTAD releases model ICT policy review framework
13 abril 2014

In an increasingly inter-connected world economy, government policies which effectively leverage information and communications technologies (ICTs) to promote economic growth and socioeconomic benefits are crucial. However, designing and implementing such policies can be a challenge for many developing countries.​

To facilitate this work, UNCTAD has developed a model framework and methodology for conducting ICT policy reviews, the ICTPR Framework, aimed at enabling governments systematically to identify and take into account ICT constraints and circumstances and to leverage their national strengths.

The ICTPR Framework builds on UNCTAD's longstanding work on ICT policies and on ICT measurement for economic development. It was initially proposed in the Information Economy Report and first tested in the ICT Policy Review of Egypt undertaken at the request of Egypt's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

The ICTPR Framework seeks to show how other governments could benefit by undertaking a similar ICT policy review. Several governments of developing countries have expressed their interest in benefiting from UNCTAD assistance in this area.

Failure monitor the implementation of ICT policy measures at an early stage can delay ICT developments and reduce the effectiveness of policy measures. Many developing countries have not yet defined, as part of their ICT plans, mechanisms for ongoing policy review, assessment, and monitoring to ensure that evolving ICT strategies are consistent with their development goals and to maximize the positive contributions of investment in ICT.

An ICT policy review helps policymakers to:

  • Quantify achievements regarding the implementation of ICT policy measures as foreseen in national ICT plan(s);

  • Identify critical success factors, international best practices and conditions, as well as reasons for failure to be able to adjust and reform ICT policies; and,

  • Formulate new policy decisions to support and accelerate ICT penetration in government, businesses and the society.

Key components of an ICT policy review include: identifying key challenges and solutions; implementing mechanisms for ICT policies, plans and programmes; monitoring and review, coordination mechanisms; and institutional framework and stakeholder analysis.

UNCTAD's ICT Policy Review Programme is implemented by the Division on Technology and Logistics. For further information, visit ICT Analysis Section of UNCTAD.


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