Closer ties to industry and increased collaboration and networking for the development of the Creative Industries in Istanbul
12 junio 2014

​UNCTAD participated at the YEKON Creative Istanbul Ateliers, an intellectual platform that aims to bring together different sectors in the ecosystem of creative industries in Turkey.  The event was held on 16-17 April and was supported by the Istanbul Development Agency.

The participation of the Advertising Association of Turkey, Association of Graphical designers, Direct Marketing Association, the City of Culture Foundation, in collaboration with the Beyoglu Municipality, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul City University , Bilgi University, Istanbul Commerce University and other non-profit associations related to the sector.

The main topics were Istanbul Design Mapping, Connecting Beyoglu Manufacturers with the Creative Industries and Intellectual property rights. A presentation was given on the Creative industries in England and the Milano Case History on creative industries. UNCTAD made an evaluation about the recent international trends on creative industries trade.

A work plan emerged from the workshop with recommendations to rethink and refine the map of "Creative Istanbul" to improve the visibility of the sector and to reinforce the competitiveness of their creative goods and services. It was also recommended to adhere to the "Be original" manifesto and campaign in order to support authenticity and handmade. UNCTAD Creative Economy Programme and Istanbul Commerce University were invited to strengthen the articulation of the Creative Industries Network in Istanbul.


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