UNCTAD meets with the National Secretariat for Consumer (SENACOM) to discuss national and regional consumer issues in Latin America
22 junio 2014

​Pierre Horna, Officer-in-charge of COMPAL-UNCTAD met with Mr. Amaury Martins de Oliva and Mrs. Ana Candida Muniz Cipriano (SENACOM), to discuss cooperation between UNCTAD and SENACOM on consumer protection issues in Brazil and Latin America.

At the request of UNCTAD and with the support of the Brazilian Competition Agency (CADE), Mr. Amaury Martins de Oliva, Director of the Department of Consumer Protection - DPDC of the National Secretariat for Consumer - SENACOM received UNCTAD in Brasilia on 27 May 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange views and information about UNCTAD programmes on south-south cooperation in Consumer policies in Latin America and elsewhere and determine whether SENACOM and UNCTAD could complement their respective work in these areas.

UNCTAD structured its presentation around the following topics:

  • Presentation of the current work of the revision of UN Guidelines on Consumer Protection and how Brazil can be more engaged in this process.

  • Presentation of COMPAL GLOBAL as part of UNCTAD wider work on trade and development for developing countries and CIS on consumer protection issues.

  • How COMPAL Latin America should be replicated to the other regions of the world

  • How COMPAL GLOBAL will liaise with BRICS work on Consumer Protection issues.

SENACOM expressed interest in the topics discussed and a further follow-up meeting should be organised between UNCTAD and SENACOM officials, in particular the possibility to undertake a UNCTAD study on the implementation of the UNGCP in the Brazilian experience.

SENACOM is part of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Government of Brazil. SENACOM's main functions are to formulate, promote, supervise and coordinate the National Consumer Protection Policy in the country and integrate, articulate and coordinate the National Consumer Protection System in Brazil.

UNCTAD meets with the National Secretariat for Consumer (SENACOM)
From left to right: Amaury Martins de Oliva, Ana Candida Muniz Cipriano, and Pierre Horna


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