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UNCTAD LogoUNCTAD is the United Nations focal point for trade and development, and for interrelated issues in the areas of finance, technology, investment and sustainable development. Its objective is to assist developing countries, especially the least developed countries, and countries with economies in transition, to integrate beneficially into the global economy. It also seek to help the international community promote a global partnership for development, increase coherence in global economic policymaking, and assure development gains for all from trade.
Alphabetical List of UNCTAD Programmes

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UNCTAD conduct ahead-of-the-curve research and analysis on both long-standing and emerging development issues. It build consensus around efforts to promote national and international policies and strategies conducive to development, and supports countries in implementing their development strategies, helping them to overcome the challenges of globalization and seize the opportunities from it.

Further information regarding UNCTAD's specific areas of work is provided below.

 Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes
The Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes collaborates with more than 80 countries.
Globalization, Interdependence and Development
Through its programme on Globalization and Development Strategies, UNCTAD contributes to the international debate on globalization and the management of its consequences for developing countries.
International Trade and Commodities
The goal of UNCTAD´s programmes on International Trade is to promote the development of developing countries through international trade.
Investment and Enterprise
The Division is recognized as a global centre of excellence on issues related to investment and enterprise for sustainable development. Built on several decades of successful experience, its staff provide international expertise in research and policy analysis, inter-governmental consensus-building, and technical assistance to over 150 countries.
Technology and Trade Logistics
The Division on Technology and Logistics (DTL) aims to enhance economic development and competitiveness in developing countries. DTL’s key activity areas are science, technology and innovation; trade logistics; and human resources development.

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