Training of Trainer Workshop, modules 1-4 - Modern Port Management Course
13 - 24 mai 2013
Valencia, Espagne


​The Training of Trainers Workshop related to the Spanish Modern Port Management Course of UNCTAD's Port Training Programme, will be organized by UNCTAD with the collaboration of the Port Authorities of Valencia and Gijón and the Valenciaport Foundation from 13th May to 24th May 2013 in Valencia, Spain. The workshop aims to train port managers on the new content of modules 1 to 4 of the "Modern Port Management" course and to discuss the future framework of national training activities for the port communities in order to ensure programme sustainability.  16 representatives from Dominican Republic, Peru and Mexico will participate and the modules will be delivered by experts from the Valenciaport Foundation, Valencia Port Authority, Gijon Port Authority and UNCTAD

TrainForTrade is a programme of the Knowledge Sharing, Training and Capacity Development Branch, in the Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD

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